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iCaching is the must-have Geocaching application for the Mac platform.

Prepare your geocache trips, sort, view, filter and annotate geocaches and export them to your GPS. Go and play the game and when you return to your Mac, log your finds straight to

See for more information.

OverviewX is a Dutch project, contact, note and time management application for project based companies. Finally a fun to use business application for the Mac. See more on the

XliffiX is the perfect companion to Xcode for localizing your software. Now available in the Mac App Store!

Export a file with all the strings for your application from Xcode to the open standard Xliff format. Translate the strings within XliffiX and import the translated files into Xcode to complete the translation process.

XliffiX will help you during translation by showing progress, warn for issues, build in spell checking and last, but surely not least: provide existing translations related to the string you’re translating.

For more details see the product page.